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Consumers can Access Multiple Entertainment Options with TV, Internet and Phone Providers

20 Nov , 2015  

According to the National Cable and Telecommunications Association, cable services became available in the United States in 1948 in Oregon, Arkansas and Pennsylvania. By 1980, there were 28 cable networks. By 1990, there were 79 cable networks, and 57 percent of households were subscribed to cable providers. As of 2012, there were 800 networks, and […]



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Beauty with a brain: XIAOMI Mi4C 4G Smartphone

1 Oct , 2015  

This is clearly the season of smartphones. Apple iPhone 6s is just out and Google has announced two new smartphones. You always want to acquire the best smartphone available in the market and more often than not the price comes as a deterrent. Ever thought of trying a phone which is manufactured by a brand […]


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Intocircuit External Battery Pack (Power Castle Series): Review

17 Sep , 2015  

In today’s life a portable battery pack has become a necessity whether you are touring on your office assignment or you are on a vacation to some far off island or a remote place. We have been using various batteries for this purpose. While, some of the batteries are available in cheap price and they […]



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HUAWEI TalkBand B2: a multipurpose device with no-fuss actions

14 Sep , 2015  

There are numerous smartphones available in the market and they are mostly very pricey. It sounds and looks good when you wear these smartwatches initially. But when the novelty dies down and when your friends and relatives get accustomed with seeing that, you start wondering if it is worth going through hassles of charging, maintaining […]


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Zeblaze Crystal Smart Bluetooth Watch Review

14 Sep , 2015  

World today is becoming smaller and so are the gadgets in it. Theatres have come to your home, Televisions are now in your tablet, and your phone is your new music system, what next? Your watch is your new phone! This may be the case indeed in the near future, considering the fact that amazing […]


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iSkysoft PDF editor: A fit for purpose solution for your professional needs

16 Jul , 2015  

In Technology Vista, we’ve seen a lot of PDF editors in the market in the recent years. We have been using few of those new editors for our own purposes. Frankly, we were not that happy with the new breed of PDF editors until we came across iskysoft PDF editor. Our PDF editing needs were […]

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Eachine Bar Portable Bluetooth Speaker

12 Jul , 2015  

  Specifications: > 3W Audio Drivers & Subwoofer > 15-Hour Playback on a Single Charge > 2,200 mAh Li-ion Battery > Bluetooth Compatible > FM Radio Built-in > Micro SD Card/TF Card Slot Built-in > USB Flash Desk > Microphone Built-in > 3.5 mm Audio Port Buy here:  This Chinese company has made an attempt […]


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Sortly App : The ultimate organizing tool

2 Jul , 2015  

Sortly App This app is for the control freaks who have a need to keep everything organized in their homes and lives in general.  Sortly is basically a productivity tool that can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone to keep you organized. This app was formerly known as My Things – Where […]


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Signature Series 6-Driver Universal-fit In-ear Headphones

14 Jun , 2015  

Buy here:  This is a premium six-driver system with a three-way crossover that yield the finest audio available today from any earphone. This W60 features dual drivers for the high frequencies, the mid-range and the bass, giving a powerful  yet balanced sound. Specifications: Product Review: Related Video:


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AKR03 Special Edition JH Audio Roxanne Earphones

14 Jun , 2015  

Buy here:  Jerry Harvey has taken careful consideration to the frequency response, output impedance and tonal characteristics and he has fine tuned the Roxanne-Astell & Kern edition to take maximum advantage and to squeeze every last bit of performance, this great products can produce. Specifications: Product Review: Related Video:


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Urge Basics Cuatro Powerful Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker

14 Jun , 2015  

Buy here:  This device comes with two 3-Watt speakers that provide lush and realistic sound while advanced technology produce improved bass which fills the room with music that one can hear and feel. This product comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery which provides power up to eight hours. The battery charging time is about four […]


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Bose SoundTouch Portable Series II Wireless Music System

14 Jun , 2015  

Buy here:  One can have wireless connection via internet radio, own music library  or popular music services like Spotify, Pandora and Deeser. Specifications: Product Review: Related Video:


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Anki DRIVE Starter Kit Smart Robot Car Racing Game

14 Jun , 2015  

Buy here:  This  device is a combination of toys ad video games that combine in a first of its kind real-life robot battle-racing game. STARTER KIT includes two physical robot cars, BOSON and KOURAI, and the STARTER TRACK. Specifications: Product Review: Related Video:


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Abco Tech Bluetooth Cell Phone Headset

10 Jun , 2015  

Buy here:  This is a headphone with charging dock and microphone for  iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6; Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5; Note 2, 3; Motorola moto X droid; HTC One, Nexus 5 and all Android Bluetooth devices. This headset automatically wakes, connects and answers letting one  enjoy long conversations. Specifications: Product Review: […]


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Polk Audio Omni SB1 Wireless Sound Bar System

10 Jun , 2015  

Buy here:  Here, the SB1 sound bar is part of the Omni collection. This wireless speaker can be controlled  from a phone, tablet or computer and music can be streamed it wirelessly to any room. Voice Adjust Center Channel Technology is optimized with 3-speaker array and a controllable center channel level to enable crisp, clear sound audible […]


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Aether Cone – The Thinking Music Player

10 Jun , 2015  

Buy here:  This thinking music player is an ideal companion. It keeps on thinking about your liking and adjusts itself to that. Eventually, it learns what one likes, and plays what he or she wants. When one speaks, Cone listens. One needs to just ask out loud and the Cone will play it. Specifications: Product Review: […]


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iTOi Video Booth for iPad Tablet

10 Jun , 2015  

Buy here:  This is a tablet which helps us to maintain direct eye contact with video chat partners and audiences. The sound capture and projection can be enhanced, so that both the chatting side can hear each other clearly. Specifications: Product Review: Related Video:


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Magnetic Light Mine Stocking Stuffer

10 Jun , 2015  

Buy here:  Sized much smaller than a golf ball, the Striker Magnetic Light Mine is a powerful temporary lighting mechanism that can be used almost anywhere you need emergency lighting. Intensely bright, wide-angle LED is focused and adjusted through 12 powerful rare-earth (neodymium) magnets. The magnets allow it to stick it to any steel surface or rest it […]


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Disney Frozen Olaf Waffle Maker

8 Jun , 2015  

Buy here:  This waffle maker makes waffles in the shape of a snowman so that, children can get meal of their favorite disney character. This is loved both by children and moms as children happily eat waffles made in this waffle maker. Specifications: Product Review: Related Video:


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3D Systems Isense 3D Scanner for Ipad Air

8 Jun , 2015  

Buy here:  This is a #D scanner for iPad air. The operational range of this device is 16″  to 138″, optimal range is 20″ x 50″ and image size is  VGA (640 x 480). Field of view is 58 degree horizontally and 45 degree vertically. The scan resolution point to point spacing is 0.025″. Specifications: […]