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Beauty with a brain: XIAOMI Mi4C 4G Smartphone

1 Oct , 2015  

This is clearly the season of smartphones. Apple iPhone 6s is just out and Google has announced two new smartphones. You always want to acquire the best smartphone available in the market and more often than not the price comes as a deterrent. Ever thought of trying a phone which is manufactured by a brand which is less conspicuous than Apple or Google but brings out smartphones which are equally or more feature rich? Well, the brand we are going to discuss may be less conspicuous but not small. Yes, it’s XIAOMI, the third largest smartphone maker in the world behind Apple and Samsung.


And get ready and don’t be surprised if XIAOMI becomes the number one in months to come! The bottom-line regarding XIAOMI Mi4C is that, it is feature rich yet available at a fraction of price when compared to Apple iPhone.


This smartphone from XIAOMI’s stable carries some impressive specs. You have actually two versions of this phone. It is a bit confusing but the only difference is: XIAOMI Mi4C Advanced Edition is having 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM whereas the XIAOMI Mi4C Standard Edition is having 2GB RAM 16GB ROM. All other features and configurations are the same.


Apart from raw power of Snapdragon 808 64-bit Hexa Core 1.8GHz processor, this phone sports a strong battery of 3080 mAh which enables you to enjoy all the features of the phone throughout the day without worrying about the battery percentages. You can expect a fair amount of juice left at night even after going through a grinding day drill. A beautiful 5” 1920×1080 pixel display will lure you to use the phone more for all your browsing and entertainment purpose. Features like “double tap to wake up” will certainly make your life much easier. This is especially useful if you are a heavy and passionate user of smartphones.


The XIAOMI Mi4C 4G Smartphone also sports cutting-edge USB Type C adapter, which is reversible. This enables you to have fuss-free adopter connection even when you are fully drunk! Also, wide range of network selection capability including 2G GSM, 3G WCDMA, 4G FDD-LTE networks, enables you to use this phone anywhere you go. The phone is fully unlocked to be used with any service provider.


The detailed specification is placed below, in case you would like to know all the details. But, we guess, you can trust XIAOMI, the third largest manufacturer in the world.

5.0 inch XIAOMI Mi4C 4G Smartphone 289.69 and Free Shipping

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