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Intocircuit External Battery Pack (Power Castle Series): Review

17 Sep , 2015  

In today’s life a portable battery pack has become a necessity whether you are touring on your office assignment or you are on a vacation to some far off island or a remote place. We have been using various batteries for this purpose. While, some of the batteries are available in cheap price and they are of huge rated capacities, some are costly compared to the capacity available. We always wished to grab one with excellent performance and reasonable pricing.

PowerCastle_Box PowerCastle_Contents

So, this time, the portable battery that we grabbed was “Intocircuit External Battery Pack”. With a capacity of 15,000 mAh and two standard output USB interfaces (5V/4.8 A, Max 2.4A per port) the battery has a digital display and is equipped with smart ID technology that can identify particular devices like smartphones, Tablet PC, MP3, PSP, etc and ensure maximum charging efficiency. In most of the batteries display facility is not available. The charging and discharging status is generally depicted by the multiple LED lights on the body. Here, it was a pleasent surprise to have a nice and elegant display panel.

Intocircuit_Power_Castle_11200_4 intocircuit-power-castle

The battery is also equipped with LED flashlight. It has a smart and attractive look and nice premium finish. While testing, it charged a Nexus 5 from 17% to 100% in 1 hour 10 minutes and its own charge diminished from 100% to 73%. While charging a Nexus 6 from 48% to 100% in about an hour it came down to 55%. And that’s good! Just as an experiment, we charged a three year old Sony Ericsson Neo (knowing very well that an old battery takes longer to charge) and the results were quite good. It charged the phone from 0 to 80% in 1 hour 10 minutes and its own charge went down to 12% from 55% which surely is a positive thing as far as the capacity of the battery is concerned. So after charging two Nexus and one old creature Neo, the battery still didn’t die.

PowerCastle_Featured-810x400 812450022_362

Now if we talk about its limitations, well, this is not something you can carry in your coat or pant pocket. Weighing at 326ˆgm. it is surely a heavy thing. And yes if you are a female and you want to carry it in your purse then also it may prove to be cumbersome.



The second thing is, its own charging time. It took some eight and half hours to charge to its full capacity and that’s quite long compared to some other batteries in the market. But again, this is because of the fact that batteries with higher capacity take longer time to charge and considering the 15,000 mAh capacity, you can certainly give this point a slip and go ahead in buying this battery here.

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