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HUAWEI TalkBand B2: a multipurpose device with no-fuss actions

14 Sep , 2015  

There are numerous smartphones available in the market and they are mostly very pricey. It sounds and looks good when you wear these smartwatches initially. But when the novelty dies down and when your friends and relatives get accustomed with seeing that, you start wondering if it is worth going through hassles of charging, maintaining the apps etc. are really worth! On top of it, the user interface may pose a trouble for you if you are not that technology savvy.


But, what about the case if the device blends perfectly with your life style and assist you in your daily chores rather than baffling you? And what about a scenario when your smartwatch doubles up as a wireless headset? Yes, it is not a daydream. Huawei Talkband B2 makes all these possible. It not only makes these possible but also does these seamlessly and effortlessly.


When we first tried this device, we were surprised by the simplicity of operations. Starting from installing the Android App to getting intelligent and automatic notifications, it’s really effortless. Simplicity is even prominent when you are able to detach the headset with a single click. It’s multipurpose, not only due to smartwatch and headset dual functions, but also for its usability. Because it is not conspicuous, you can elegantly use this while going in a business meeting. At the same time, you can use it as a sport activity tracker/ monitor as well. The list doesn’t end there. It triples itself up as a sleep tracker as well if you are interested about benchmarking the quality of the sleep. Because you have a different sets of requirements during business and sport activities, this device comes with two wrist bands. The band, which is made of genuine leather caters to business activities whereas, the other wristband is made of soft, elegant and comfortable TPU for your sport activities.


Unlike many other smartwatches, this device allows you to connect with two smartphones simultaneously. This intelligent device is fully equipped with six-axis sensors so that it effortlessly recognises the exact activity that you are performing. Not only that, these sensors along with your phone identify various scenarios like, flights, high-speed rail, weather, fatigue etc. and pushes the proactive and relevant information to your watch. That saves a lot of headache of seeking the information through your phone/ watch App. This device, as it is suitable for sports activities, is having IP57 level of certification which makes it dust protected and water resistant upto 1 meter of submersion.

HUAWEI TalkBand B2 Bluetooth Genuine Leather Band Smart Watch Water Resistance Wristband Wireless Headset 164.35 and Free Shipping

Those, who are interested in the detailed specifications, they can visit the relevant page here at GearBest Site.

At an average price of USD 150.59, this device is highly recommended by us as it provides total value for money. Also, you may visit and like GearBest Facebook site here for deals and discounts.

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