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iSkysoft PDF editor: A fit for purpose solution for your professional needs

16 Jul , 2015  

In Technology Vista, we’ve seen a lot of PDF editors in the market in the recent years. We have been using few of those new editors for our own purposes. Frankly, we were not that happy with the new breed of PDF editors until we came across iskysoft PDF editor. Our PDF editing needs were basic and conversional. So, we didn’t want to go for the expensive editors with tonnes of facilities that we don’t use. On the other hand, we encountered certain amount of negativity in the market towards the Chinese companies who produces similar software. After using the iskysoft PDF editor, we realised that most of the negativity is perhaps due to the unconventional marketing strategy and fast growth of the companies rather than negativity towards the product as such.

The iSkysoft is one of the most reliable and robust PDF editors available in the market, for MAC. It can be tested absolutely free for a trial period. After the trial period lapses, you can download the basic software for $49.95 and the Pro version for $99.95. While the basic editor is good for everything that you expect out of a PDF Editor, the advanced Pro version supports OCR, creates PDF Forms, compresses PDFs, supports Powerful Conversion facility and protects PDF with Password

OFFICIAL  iSkysoft PDF Editor for Mac  Edit PDF like a Word Processor

The first positive point, that we realized, is the loading speed of the PDF editor. It’s considerably faster compared to the other software available in the market. We tested it with fast shifting of the menu items and by aborting the operations in between but we could not make it crash. The UI is simple yet meaningful and follows conventional menu items and nomenclatures. In the first go itself, we felt comfortable with the software and we didn’t have to search for the functionalities for a moment.

iSkysoft PDF Editor for Mac is equipped with everything that you need to edit PDF documents on Mac. The UI and the feeling is, as if, you are working within a word processor. It gives you full access to text, image, note, link, watermark, etc. In addition to that, it has a very powerful conversion facility which not only converts native PDFs to Microsoft Office Documents but also to EPUB format. Powerful editor provides facilities like direct editing of text, images, and graphics within PDF, manipulation of PDF pages like, move, insert, delete, extract, crop and rotate etc.. PDF documents can also be marked up and annotated with powerful array of tools.

The true test of a PDF editor is it’s smoothness in operation. Generally, the smoothness issue is more pronounced when graphics handling is required. We were amazed to see how smoothly watermarks are handled within iskysoft PDF editor. It blends nicely in the background without disturbing the text in front. In most of the other operations, you experience a similar level of smoothness. As a ritual, we would like to elaborate the functionalities associated with the iskysoft PDF editor:

  1. It can effortlessly delete unwanted pages, add new pages, and rotate pages to create a well-organized PDF presentation.
  2. Drag and drop arrangement of PDF pages.
  3. Depending on the requirement you can easily merge and split PDF documents
  4. You can easily add, edit, and remove watermark/bookmark in a PDF file or brand/ customise your PDF documents providing better reading experience.
  5. You may also insert handwritten signature image to facilitate electronic approval


iSkysoft PDF Editor for Mac is best PDF editor that we came across. It allows users to make PDF editing as easy as typing and saving in a Microsoft Word processor.

Last, but not the list, we would like to define the bottom line here. There are expensive PDF editors available in the market. You get numerous facilities like cloud operation, approval process chains, web to PDF etc.. But, those kind of facilities are mostly used by and beneficial for Enterprise users. If you are an individual user or user from a small office environment and need a simple, cost-effective and uncomplicated PDF editing environment, iskysoft PDF editor should be the choice of yours which is a perfect fit for the purpose. There are possibilities of bulk discount in case you want multi-user license. Iskysoft PDF editor can be downloaded from here. For more information, you may access the iskysoft official blog.

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