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Eachine Bar Portable Bluetooth Speaker

12 Jul , 2015  


> 3W Audio Drivers & Subwoofer
> 15-Hour Playback on a Single Charge
> 2,200 mAh Li-ion Battery
> Bluetooth Compatible
> FM Radio Built-in
> Micro SD Card/TF Card Slot Built-in
> USB Flash Desk
> Microphone Built-in
> 3.5 mm Audio Port

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This Chinese company has made an attempt to make an economical speaker. This speaker is one of the many in the market that offer basic features for a low price. Let’s delve into what’s good and what’s not about this Bluetooth speaker.

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The battery life is amazing to say the least. Even after playing the device non-stop for hours, it still has stamina to keep going for more hours on end. This one is really for you if you’re the type who hates charging their devices.

Design & Functionality:   The exterior feature of a bar is one of the best features about this product. The plastic exterior along with the rubber feet gives the speaker a good feel to it. There is also an array of buttons on top of it.

The audio to be enjoyable when listening to it; whether it was being streamed from a compatible card and gives a loud sound when taken to the max.

The LCD display is very easy to read when necessary but has a slow response rate. It is very often since it’s simply for very basic information and details. Moving on, the Bluetooth Connectivity is next in line. Not much to say than the fact that it connects to my devices with ease.



Average design: the design overall is very basic. It is also clunky and has sharp edges, which is never good for handling or packaging either. The exterior is also very delicate and sensitive due to its Chinese manufacturing and can easily break if dropped a couple of times.

Power button is on the back, poor reception from mobile and radio as well. The time taken to sync is also too long for anyone to be patient with it. The speaker is not ergonomically designed at all; it is very simplistic and elementary. This is not an eye candy speaker by any means.

The speaker has practically No bass in it and the lack of subwoofers really makes this speaker a killjoy. This won’t do the trick if you’re planning to use it in parties. The volume around 75% to 80% to help keep the audio quality superb, increasing it will cause to sound to break apart and turn your music into plain old noise.

Final Verdict:

The speaker is simply an awesome choice if you are have a low budget and are not much into sound quality or build design. It basically fulfills all functionalities and more through its long battery life. At a low price tag, this just might be the best Bluetooth speaker at the price range. This will also go a long way if used correctly. The battery life stands out of the pack, but other than that it becomes hard to defend any other feature of this speaker as extra-ordinary.

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